Westborough MA 1st Quarter Home Sales Market Report

Westborough MA, Real estate Market Reports 2013 vs 2014 year to date Single Family Homes 1/1 - 03/31 MLS stat's # sold Avg. Sold price Days On Mkt active listings 2013 18 $362,000 107 35 2014 23 $422,000 101 36 Trend up    up down up If you would like an in-depth analysis for your real estate needs Whats my Westboro MA homes value or Call John 508 625-0059

Keeping your Metrowest Real Estate Sale on Track

The slick, entertaining formats of HGTV’s many buying and selling programs makes for great entertainment – but, as anyone who has ever actually bought or sold a house knows, they tend to leave some key information on the cutting room floor. Sure, real estate sales in Metrowest can in fact involve elements of creativity, presentation, personality, all of which make for interesting television viewing. But in real reality, successful real estate sales are largely based on contracts, disclosures, inspections, contingencies, and time. They may be less telegenic, but can be dramatic, especially when you’ve done everything in your power to make sure that a deal works out smoothly, only to be faced with last minute surprises that threaten to prevent you from closing (or cost you a bundle!). Here are some of the major issues that can impede local real estate sales—and how to prevent them from happening: Not Weighing the Comps When you are in the process of making a major decisi

Understanding FHA-Insured Loans

One of the few blessings to come out of the Great Depression was the FHA-insured loan. Although, contrary to what many think, it wasn't created to help low-income buyers get into homeownership. Just as during our recent Great Recession, during the Depression foreclosure rates skyrocketed, leaving lenders in the lurch. The FHA-insured loan was created to protect lenders from losses should the economy once again tank. That said, the borrower does receive benefits from the loan. First, she benefits from the meticulous appraisal of the home, and second, from the low down payment requirements and attractive interest rates offered by lenders. Eligibility Requirements Although the Federal Housing Administration won't be loaning the money to you directly (you'll see a conventional lender for that), they'll take a look at your credit profile to determine whether they want to offer insurance on your loan. Recent FHA changes call for a manual review of applicants with credit scores below